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w2d2 – hail sithis

luckily, the people that irritates me in the job gym look nothing like me. slept the entire night. woke up feeling like a new person. could have gone on sleeping for a few hours more. I specifically asked not to have a … Läs mer

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w2d1 – no sleep, not til brooklyn, not ever

stinky was absent from the gym today. luckily, I immediately found a new nemesis and I’ll call him smurf due his choice of clothing. smurf set up the bench press in reverse incline. then he built stations with dumbbells (for … Läs mer

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w1dx – hill sprints

sunday I did some hill sprints in the evening. no photo of the hill, though. brought a friend who lives nearby. he is much more used to endurance training than I am, such as a solo 192 km mountainbike ride … Läs mer

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w1d4 – straight outta lynwood

almost as fun as the wierd al album mentioned in the title. main lift deadlifts, 3 / 3 / 3+. after warmup: 3x 133.5 kg 3x 152.5 kg 6x 171 kg (3+) 3x 171 kg (joker) 3x 172.5 kg (joker) … Läs mer

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w1d3 – poptjik!

did not sleep too well. woke up at 0130 and went to sleep again at, approximately, 0230. thinking about work. had a good discussion with wife yesterday regarding perceived issues at my department, and concluded that I have to adjust … Läs mer

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w1d2 – he made his bed, now he’s gonna die in it

stayed up later than usual yesterday, reading ”the goldfinch”. I appreciate the contrasts, as I perceive them. read the book. it is probably worth it. I anticipated a confrontation with stinky today, due to the very minor argument about the … Läs mer

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w1d1 – the goldfinch

today a new cycle started. given time and effort I could figure out which cycle number we are talking about but it does not really matter. what matters, however, is that I longed for pressing movements. today I got my … Läs mer

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