wxd2 – rowing, the new lifting

went to the gym this morning for more joy with the rowing machine. I do not want to make progress, nor do I want to compete with anyone or anything during the deload week. the interwez, however, just told me that if you can row 8km in 30 minutes you’re not entirely worthless.

while taking it quite easy, I manage just above 7km (7237 m today) in 30 minutes. which is fine, I’m sure. it feels like I’m balancing on the lactic threshold, i.e. I feel like I can continue for quite some time. but, rowing for >30 minutes is not very interesting (to me).

I’ll leave it at that.


so I chose a different display setting today compared to yesterday. but it was 30 minutes, I promise.

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2 kommentarer till wxd2 – rowing, the new lifting

  1. Fatman skriver:

    One huge advantage of the stationary bike over the rowing machine is that you can read while on a stationary bike. Otherwise I have no idea how I’d make it through more than 5 minutes of cardio.


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