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w7d2 – deload, I love it

the other day, I met an old training buddy and one of swedens finest. he was a pioneer for mixed martial arts and the first swede to get signed to ufc.  unfortunately, he did not last. some decisions, training-wise, were … Läs mer

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w7d1 – going for deload

I opted out of doing the remaining deadlifts. pride comes before the fall, but I know I will get those lifts once I do them. nothing to worry about there. both my body and mind was a bit slow to … Läs mer

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w6dy – compared to a year back, I was…

I have not yet done this weeks deadlift session due to illness (a cold, as ordinary as it is lousy). will go to gym tomorrow and sort of begin the deload week. also, I will probably do my 1+ sets … Läs mer

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w6d3 – did I nail my entrance?

I went lifting as planned on thursday, but did not feel like writing the log. felt sick and fever-ish when I woke up. chose to go lift anyway, since it is usually a feeling that goes away once my body … Läs mer

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w6dx – bashing other people

in my post from yesterday, I wrote about a couple of guys coming into the gym and going straight to te bench press. then I proceeded to whine about their form, them seemingly not training legs and so on. on … Läs mer

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w6d2 – the new squat rack

there is a new gym on the hospital premises that is available only to students and research staff. luckily, I qualify. went there today to try it out. took a quick sneak peek yesterday and noticed there is a pretty … Läs mer

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w6d1 – it’s always darkest before the dawn

slept uneasy, not sure why. woke up several times. still felt rested when the alarm rang. shoulders are aching from doing thrusters last friday. I did an unnecessary thing and this is what: when I press stuff over my head, … Läs mer

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