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w4d1 – a temporary setback

I made the wrong bet. as usual. look at the post-fight press conference here. did not sleep much at all. ate too little yesterday. could have made better decisions for myself. paid for it in the gym this morning as my … Läs mer

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w3d1 – oddities, necessities

a great song in a cool setting. slept too little, thought too much. nonetheless, I was quite motivated to go lift once the alarm sounded. this will just be really short. I have something that needs taking care of. main … Läs mer

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w2d3 – chest dah, brah

I’m tired. but things are good and I am happy. stayed at the hospital a bit later than required to practice certain things. we got some good work done. hope you all had a good day. main lift bench press, … Läs mer

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w1d3 – bring out your allergies, let me have a look!

the other day, I met a patient with chronic urticaria. this person has suffered from this condition for a little more than two years. needless to say, it was not the most desirable position to be in. migrating urticaric plaques all over. … Läs mer

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w1d1 – new lifting cycle, new achievements

after one week of deload/rest, I am ready to tackle some challenges both at work and in the gym. I decided to cut my friday short last week. left before lunch and ”worked from home” (yea, it went about as well … Läs mer

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w5d3 – refugees welcome

for some time, refugees from the syrian civil war are arriving in sweden. most of the refugees arrive in malmö, the southern-most big city we have in the godforsaken north. NGOs in malmö have done wonderful things to welcome our … Läs mer

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w4d3 – reusing old material

this is one of the best songs ever and it is a goddamn commercial. some things just are not right. I have, as usual, been lifting according to schedule. unfortunately, I have not found the energy to write about said … Läs mer

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