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wxd4 – so close I can smell it

pumping iron, a classic movie. every time I watch it I’m happy I did not decide to go into body building. I went to the gym today as well. wanted to see if 8k in 30 min was doable or not. … Läs mer

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wxd3 – row row row your back ashore

I went to the gym for the third day in a row (hurr durr). felt pretty good. tried to improve with regards to technique and strategy. true to character, I could not really resist trying to improve my performance. monday, I did … Läs mer

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wxd2 – rowing, the new lifting

went to the gym this morning for more joy with the rowing machine. I do not want to make progress, nor do I want to compete with anyone or anything during the deload week. the interwez, however, just told me … Läs mer

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wxd1 – active rest and deload

today is the first day of my deload/rest week. it is doubtful if I will do any lifting at all. what is certain, however, is that I will go to the gym a number of times despite this. my aim … Läs mer

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deload fortsätter – marklyft

trött som ett svin imorse. igår blev det 12 timmar på jobbet. hade sällskap med min bättre hälft som gick (till sitt gym) samtidigt som jag. såg fram emot att spänna på mig ett bälte, för hållningens skull, och lyfta … Läs mer

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