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burning the candle at both ends

living and lifting. I very much look forward to a planned vacation in january 2018, which by that time will be the first real vacation in two years. recent lifts are a-okay. recently I took a short (three weeks) break … Läs mer

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accumulating volume, building strength over time

little more than a month has passed since I, finally, joined a real barbell club instead of a run-of-the-mill commercial gym. it should be noted that the ”new” gym is open for everyone, has really cheap rates and welcomes every member. … Läs mer

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end of cycle, evaluation

I have lifted almost as I planned to. my right arm is healing up, but not as fast as I want it to. it is very likely that I have been to ambitious with regards to both my strength levels … Läs mer

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w2d1 – story of my life

came to think of this gem. the album ”life on a plate” was released back in 1995. the record label, burning heart, was quite big at the time and carried a lot of great bands. the inevitable and definitive decline … Läs mer

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w1d3 – the gru-hind

hank the crank, positive guy. my back felt a bit better today (was just tired from monday) and I went to lift as planned. got up early as usual (0430) and walked into the crossfit gym at 0545. once again … Läs mer

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w1d1 – does it make sense?

the vacation trip was probably exactly what we needed. we had a really good time relaxing in an environment where we really did not do anything in particular. there was beautiful nature, savory dishes every day and historical landmarks to … Läs mer

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vacation mode has set in. I am really happy to have the summer off. first time since I was a kid. also, first time for real vacation (>3 weeks) ever. lifting according to plan. have gone with my friend to … Läs mer

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