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w1d1 – pressing, PR

david bowie is dead. listened to his new album all weekend. wife checked if there would be a tour but bowie had explicitly stated that his touring days were over. now, it seems that he made that statement knowing what the … Läs mer

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w6d4 – cycle ends on a high note (PR)

I find this funny. a part of my lifting routine is using my headphones. I can listen to whatever I want and not disturb anyone else with my poor taste in music. this feels like a respectful and intelligent compromise … Läs mer

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w6d2 – moar effort, moar PR (also lotv spoilers!)

this video contains all the cinematics from legacy of the void, the latest part of starcraft 2. possibly also the ending of the epic space saga. blizzard delivers great cinematics as usual. I currently do not have the time (or … Läs mer

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w6d1 – make effort, get PR

every day is important, but today is actually a little more important for two specific reasons: I have slept really good for about a week and I am a little more than halfway through a really long commitment at work … Läs mer

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an end, a beginning

I decided to see where my deadlift is currently at, even though I set a PR in may. deadlift: 1x 212, 1x 215 so, technically I set two PRs but the second one was greater than the first. woho. summary of the … Läs mer

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w1d4 – squat och lite marklyft

idag hade jag sällskap av ena brorsan till gymmet. det fina med att familjen finns på olika ställen är att det är större chans att träffa på dem om jag åker någonstans. på dagens program stod squat. när vi kom … Läs mer

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w1d4 – marklyft, uppnått mål

veckans sista gymdag var, som vanligt, fredagen. på det hippa gymmet kunde jag marklyfta omgiven av kvinnor i minimal mängd kläder (säkert crossfit-inspirerat). själv hade jag fullt upp med att lyfta mitt beting, men min sambo påpekade glatt hur omgivningen såg … Läs mer

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