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w1d2 – feeling ill, enjoying the chill

the temperature has dropped just below zero degrees celsius. yesterday, I was cold the entire day due to choosing a stupid place to sit down and work for a couple of hours. had dressed as the season calls for (long armed … Läs mer

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w6d3 – presssssssss!

x-com (terror from the deep) was a great game. I played the first one as well (ufo: enemy unknown) and finished it. tftd, I never beat. not that I did not try, but for various reasons my computers did not … Läs mer

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w5d3 – samus aran!

samus aran is and was a groundbreaking character. as far as I know, it was the first time a woman was cast (in you want to call it that) as the protagonist in an action-packed video game. as I played … Läs mer

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w1d2 – wiseacre

slept even less tonight. woke up in a good mood, though, and went to lift as planned. tried to pick a fight in the gym this morning. every morning is a damned rush to get to the squat rack before stinky … Läs mer

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w6d3 – did I nail my entrance?

I went lifting as planned on thursday, but did not feel like writing the log. felt sick and fever-ish when I woke up. chose to go lift anyway, since it is usually a feeling that goes away once my body … Läs mer

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w6d2 – the new squat rack

there is a new gym on the hospital premises that is available only to students and research staff. luckily, I qualify. went there today to try it out. took a quick sneak peek yesterday and noticed there is a pretty … Läs mer

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w6d1 – it’s always darkest before the dawn

slept uneasy, not sure why. woke up several times. still felt rested when the alarm rang. shoulders are aching from doing thrusters last friday. I did an unnecessary thing and this is what: when I press stuff over my head, … Läs mer

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