w2d2 – hail sithis

luckily, the people that irritates me in the job gym look nothing like me.

slept the entire night. woke up feeling like a new person. could have gone on sleeping for a few hours more.

I specifically asked not to have a student this summer. it is no surprise that I got one anyway. she’s interested in the stuff we do, seems intelligent enough and is easy to talk with. still there is a certain amount of responsibility. I have chosen to basically re-use the concept from previous summers, for example ”topic of the week” where the student chooses from a list of things that I approximate will take them an entire week to comprehend fully. for week #1, we’ll talk about the distribution of immune cells in lymph nodes and the mechanisms that contribute to this distribution. hilarious stuff, really.

main lift

squats, 5 / 5 / 5+. after warmup:

  1. 5x 103.5 kg
  2. 5x 120 kg
  3. 11x 136 kg

eleven reps with, what I dare claim to be, decent form is not too shabby. the bar felt heavy even before lift-off. a likely course of events here is that I forgot about the perceived heaviness when I could choose to get up or get stapled.

assistance lifts

good mornings

  1. 10x 72.5 kg (+calf raises, 10x 72.5 kg
  2. 10x 72.5 kg (+calf raises, 10x 72.5 kg
  3. 10x 72.5 kg (+calf raises, 10x 72.5 kg)
  4. 10x 72.5 kg (+calf raises, 10x 72.5 kg)
  5. 10x 72.5 kg (+calf raises, 10x 72.5 kg)

band pullaparts (back flyes?  just the usual stuff)

  1. 6×10
  2. 6×10
  3. 6×10
  4. 6×10
  5. 6×10

suspended situps, rocky style

  1. 10
  2. 10
  3. 10
  4. 10
  5. 10

I got muscle cramps at around repetition 7 or 8 in the later sets. a second of rest solved it and I could continue.

did a few bicep curls using my resistance band (4×10).

that’s that.

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2 kommentarer till w2d2 – hail sithis

  1. James skriver:

    Sleep in wonderful. I finally got some last night. I have my brain back.


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