w2d1 – no sleep, not til brooklyn, not ever

stinky was absent from the gym today. luckily, I immediately found a new nemesis and I’ll call him smurf due his choice of clothing.

smurf set up the bench press in reverse incline. then he built stations with dumbbells (for chest flyes) and the cable machine (for biceps curls). no wonder I got a bit skeptic.

here is a game I’m looking forward to: interstellaria. between my old computer not being able to run nifty new games (PoE, wasteland 2, various fallouts (3+NV) etc.) and playing ultima VIII for the umpteenth time, this might be it.

main lift

military press, 5 / 5 / 5+. after warmup:

  1. 5x 47.5 kg
  2. 5x 53.5 kg
  3. 7x 62.5 kg (5+)

the last two reps were not as fast and light as the previous five, but I got them done without problem. considered previous thoughts about being happy with five reps and getting active rest, sort of, but skipped that. full speed ahead!

assistance lifts

paused bench press

  1. 10x 66 kg (+6×10 band pullaparts)
  2. 10x 66 kg (+6×10 band pullaparts)
  3. 10x 66 kg (+6×10 band pullaparts)
  4. 10x 66 kg (+6×10 band pullaparts)
  5. 10x 66 kg (+6×10 band pullaparts)

this week, the bench is not heavy. nonetheless I think it is a good way to accumulate volume. sort of like the bodybuilding day brandon lilly incorporates in his routine. but not the same at all, really.

cable lats pulldowns blaha blaha, parallell grip

  1. 10x 85 kg
  2. 10x 85 kg
  3. 10x 80 kg
  4. 10x 75 kg
  5. 10x 75 kg

I swear this movement is getting harder each time I do it. got through my intended number of repetitions, though.

dumbbell one arm shoulder press (a really long name for something very simple)

  1. 8x 25 kg (per arm)
  2. 8x 25 kg (per arm)
  3. 9x 22.5 kg (per arm)

I like the one arm presses. when doing them I stand in front of the mirror (there is a mirror by the dumbbell rack) and look like a moderately strong guy.

kroc rows

  1. 10x 40 kg
  2. 10x 40 kg
  3. 10x 40 kg

just for volume.

that’s all.

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7 kommentarer till w2d1 – no sleep, not til brooklyn, not ever

  1. ruinchristmas skriver:

    i went to that interstellar site

    i tried to press any key to start. then i realized it was a gif.

    brb gonna look at pictures of girls and rub my computer screen.

  2. jaysun1971 skriver:

    Shorten it to: 1ADBP ; )

  3. Fatman skriver:

    That Interstellar game sounds depressingly like real life.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      Played WoW or Ultima Online back in the day?

      • Fatman skriver:

        Nah. I did play this browser game once where you had your planets and built factories and shit. It got dumb and boring after like 2 days, but I had friends who wanted to form an ”alliance” so I stayed with it for maybe a few months.


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