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wx – arm still messed up, squats are ok

the arm is slowly getting better. I will try to press next week and see how it turns out. this week has been extraordinary in several ways. at home, we are practicing for the dancing class we have started. even … Läs mer

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w1 ends and I’m watching cartoons

I’ve been lifting thursday and friday as well while trying to let my right arm rest. so, mostly squats. pulling bands have been pain free. I have tried lifting light weight with a fully extended right arm and experienced some discomfort. … Läs mer

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w2 part 1 – heed to your ass and not to your pecs

my right elbow still hurts quite a bit after I slipped and fell last wednesday. cannot put any real load on the arm while doing pressing movements. pulling, however, works well to a certain extent. there are issues while extending … Läs mer

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w1d2 and so on – I’m old and feeble

wednesday, I fell while walking home. beneath the densely packed snow there were patches of ice (to the surprise of no one but me). no serious damage but hurt my right elbow and hip. have not been able to extend … Läs mer

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w1d1 – pressing, PR

david bowie is dead. listened to his new album all weekend. wife checked if there would be a tour but bowie had explicitly stated that his touring days were over. now, it seems that he made that statement knowing what the … Läs mer

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w7dx – deload but grinding

I decided to take full advantage of the planned deload week and have a few days off from lifting (if fatman can do it, so can I). my body is a little bit beat up and and I have something … Läs mer

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w6d4 – please close the toilet after pooping

the video above has been circulating on the internet for at least a few days now. the guys behind it, buff dudes, seem to pretty nice. also, they’re funny without being complete assholes. while we’re on the topic of asses, … Läs mer

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