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w4d3 – press is proceeding as planned

I have listened to the song above a lot when I have played the great game ”FTL”. it fit nicely into the atmosphere brought by dystopian science fiction. or is it really dystopian? something that not dystopian but very interesting … Läs mer

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w3dx – the learning process

john danaher seems like an interesting person to be around. in the video above, he talks about a few things I like to think I have thought about as well. the circumstances and the context revolving the thinking would, of course, … Läs mer

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w3d3 – press is evolving

just a short log, not much to see here. main lift bench press, 5 / 3 / 1+. after warmup: 5x 83.5 kg 3x 95 kg 3x 106 kg (1+) 3x 106 kg (joker) 1x 107.5 kg (joker) did a … Läs mer

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w6d3 – presssssssss!

x-com (terror from the deep) was a great game. I played the first one as well (ufo: enemy unknown) and finished it. tftd, I never beat. not that I did not try, but for various reasons my computers did not … Läs mer

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w6d1 – make effort, get PR

every day is important, but today is actually a little more important for two specific reasons: I have slept really good for about a week and I am a little more than halfway through a really long commitment at work … Läs mer

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w5d4 – super probotector

to continue on yesterdays theme (video games, yay!), I wish to mention the entertaining but not very difficult snes game ”super probotector”. apparently, we europeans are not see people with guns so in the PAL version the player characters are some … Läs mer

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w5d3 – samus aran!

samus aran is and was a groundbreaking character. as far as I know, it was the first time a woman was cast (in you want to call it that) as the protagonist in an action-packed video game. as I played … Läs mer

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