about me

I am more than 30 years old. working/studying at a hospital in stockholm, where I lift in a gym reserved for staff. hence, lyfta på jobbet (~lifting at work). my goal is simply to get as strong as possible without caring much for looks.

previously I have had ample opportunity to practise a number of sports (e.g. badminton, running, soccer, handboll, muay thai etc.) but without being really good at anything. took up brasilian jiujitsu during autumn 2008 and trained quite seriously. since summer 2012, after severe illness and surgery, I only lift stuff.

about the method

how am I going to get strong, then? well, by using a program designed by someone else. someone smarter than me. I chose 5/3/1 by jim wendler. why? he is reasonably strong. he also cultivates his image as a no-nonsense person with low tolerance for dicking around. some people like to hang around the gym. me, on the other hand, just want to make a decent effort and get out.

if you are interested in how the program is put together, read the blog or buy wendler’s e-books. the main lifts are always the same four, but the assistance varies from time to time.

about the blog

why not just keep a paper journal? I have tried that, and did not like it very much. writing by hand takes longer and I tend to lose the book.

4 kommentarer till about

  1. James skriver:

    Thanks for following my blog. Glad there’s a translate function so I can read what you’ve written. Cheers.

  2. Louise skriver:

    Thanks a ton for following! Nice to see some people in Europe lifting!

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