Månadsarkiv: juli 2015

so, what’s up?

updates have been irregular. reading the other logs from our small internet circle has not been a priority, sadly. yesterday we put down our two furry friends. after three and a half years of constant struggle against illnesses and trauma … Läs mer

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vacation mode has set in. I am really happy to have the summer off. first time since I was a kid. also, first time for real vacation (>3 weeks) ever. lifting according to plan. have gone with my friend to … Läs mer

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w3d3+d4 – mashup

I have slept almost an entire night. feel like a new person. also, I won’t be working any more this summer. while the strength seems to be right on track, the head is not. luckily, my boss really stepped up … Läs mer

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w3d2 – I’m cursed

I’ve been lifting what my program calls for, just skipped writing about it. haven’t slept an entire night for more than a week. this is becoming a real problem. I have a feeling it might change tonight and keeping my … Läs mer

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