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w3d1 – the ER experience

today it was time to go back to the ordinary hospital and earn my keep after living the good life during the summer. except that our cats are dead. and I got sick leave. but luckily we have done so … Läs mer

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w2d4 – would I change form?

alarm rang early. wife went to her gym, I went back to sleep for another hour. woke up from a nightmare. felt a bit off. watched a video where a bunch of people discussed the question ”if steroids were legal, … Läs mer

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w2d3 – not everyone is going to make it

(with regards to cynicism, one can also listen to how teller puts it .) I came to think about how not everything works out according to plan. personally, I think it is useful to remember that failure is always an option. … Läs mer

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w2d2 – general fatigue

took the bike to the gym this morning. came back home before 0800. pretty good start of the day. have since spent some time in the sofa reading. there were more people than usual at the work gym. possibly because … Läs mer

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w2d1 – story of my life

came to think of this gem. the album ”life on a plate” was released back in 1995. the record label, burning heart, was quite big at the time and carried a lot of great bands. the inevitable and definitive decline … Läs mer

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w1d4 – skwat as usual

a couple of years back mark bell lost his older brother, seemingly due to psychological illness and addiction. these are difficult things to talk about, let alone deal with. do what you can, but one person can seldom do everything. … Läs mer

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w1d3 – the gru-hind

hank the crank, positive guy. my back felt a bit better today (was just tired from monday) and I went to lift as planned. got up early as usual (0430) and walked into the crossfit gym at 0545. once again … Läs mer

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rest day

in the sofa. made plans for the day, most of which I will do nothing about. essentials are taken care of. my body appreciates the rest day. considered going to the gym for extra assistance, or something like that, today.

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w1d2 – the colour and the shape

I bought foo fighters record ”the colour and the shape” back in 1997. some people were sad that nirvana broke up while I was not (although the suicide of kurt cobain was a horrible thing). the ff album really knocked … Läs mer

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w1d1 – does it make sense?

the vacation trip was probably exactly what we needed. we had a really good time relaxing in an environment where we really did not do anything in particular. there was beautiful nature, savory dishes every day and historical landmarks to … Läs mer

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