gym and chill

the above song is in swedish but might still be enjoyable for everyone. she is not angry, just disappointed. which is worse.

training is coming along nicely given it is merely one of many parts of life. recently I became curious how much I could squat (9x 175 kg, 5x 195kg and worked up to a single at 212.5 kg the morning after working the night shift). my plan for 230 kg is set. hopefully senior coach lives long enough to see it.

bench is more of a problem. yesterday I did an easy single at 135 kg, followed by 10x 100 and 9x 105. all with pause, of course. a great increase compared to a few years back. that is a small comfort, however, when all my training partners routinely bench between 170 kg and 220 kg each training session. regardless, the long term goal of 150 kg stands (just like cadia).

work is great. I’m learning so much stuff every day. even on my days off, I find the energy to read material related to the profession and I thoroughly enjoy it. a few weeks ago, by necessity, we set up a temporary mini-ICU at an ordinary ward. our efforts were successful, btw.

be good to each other.

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the fourth exercise

in powerlifting, there are apparently not three but four lifts/exercises with the fourth and final being eating. how fitting, since I am on the well-known see food-diet: I see food, I eat it.

currently on a six week long vacation. struggling to find a daily rhythm with less stress and more life. being a stay-at-home husband suits me perfectly. my only issue with this is actually finishing the housework before my better half comes home from work.

the actual lifting is slowly progressing ”just as planned”. current status: squats are ok, bench is ok, deadlift is improving. each training session, I’m doing 30 work reps (5×6) each of two of the lifts. nothing fancy, but it’s enjoyable.

be good to each other.

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little did we know / how much trouble / was soon to come

christmas holiday was great, as usual. not that I am overly religious but getting time off from work makes it a worthwhile holiday in my book.

last week ended pretty dramatically. luckily, I was surrounded by calm and experienced colleagues. to them it was business as usual, I guess. some of the things that happened were things I hoped to avoid for some time yet. nonetheless, I am grateful for being a part of the events that occurred. valuable lessons learned. also, filled with amazement and admiration when seeing my colleagues work. they rock.

took a few days off from lifting. working 8am until 10pm for a week straight makes me wanna do that. went to visit my friend, the eleiko powerlifting bar, yesterday. got a few good sets of squats (4×2 182.5 kg) and bench (3×6 120 kg) in. then, as always, tons of volume. joked around a bit with the real lifters (world, european and national titles), briefly considered to start using PEDs. quickly decided against it  due to illegal, dangerous, expensive, dangerous, I’m not a competitor, also dangerous and illegal.

bought a slingshot for shitz and gigglez. let’s see how I get an easy 150 kg bench in a year or two with this marvelous piece of equipment.

be good to each other.

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burning the candle at both ends

living and lifting. I very much look forward to a planned vacation in january 2018, which by that time will be the first real vacation in two years.

recent lifts are a-okay. recently I took a short (three weeks) break from the sub-maximal training regimen of sheiko. increased the weights, lowered the volume quite significantly (to the caricature archetype of a powerlifter, where I did like 8-10 squat singles in a one hour session).

I’m looking forward to starting a new job february 1st. it’s a position I really want and I think I will like it there. applied for a couple of other positions as well, just to try my luck, but without getting any of them. not that it matters much, as I would’ve probably turned them down had they offered me the respective position. unexpectedly, I was somewhat close to being headhunted a couple of weeks ago, something that fell through since I had already signed another contract.

I have trouble sleeping. some nights are really fine, but one or two nights per week are really bad. don’t really know why, but there are days when stress and thoughts from work is harder to shake off. truthfully, I try not to bring home work with me if it can be avoided. for some time now, I have to work at home as well. so, during weekdays I’m in scrubs and during weekends I’m in front of the computer reading and writing. keeping my fingers crossed it will pay off (it will, massively, if everything plays out as planned).

bought a slingshot just for fun. a toy to fool around with. I intend to use primarily to get used to handling bigger weights on a regular basis. with it, I can do reps for 300+ lbs without breaking a sweat.

be good to each other.

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sleep tight, lift heavy, watch people die

I choose to link the acoustic version of the song ”gossamer thin”. there is another version which is also quite good.

summer is over. still wearing shorts, though. body temperature is not an issue. people around me wear jeans and jackets, I wear shorts and a knitted sweater.

the last few months have been really interesting. I feel I have grown quite a bit professionally with regards to both actual knowledge/experience and also with regards to patient experience. almost all patients have been under 40 years old, some as young as 18, with other expectations and demands on the healthcare they receive compared to somewhat older patients. every day I feel privileged and lucky to do such interesting things.

during summer I have gotten to know some of the people at the barbell club a bit better. they are all nice individuals. one of the older guys, H, has been extremely helpful with squat coaching. on his watch, I have surpassed 200 kg while improving my form and control.

the weights have been good to me lately. recent lifts include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • bench: 135 kg (with pause)
  • squat: 205 kg
  • deadlift: 235 kg

world records are still to come. bench is slowest as usual, but now I can bench 132.5 kg on any given training day. I still do the sheiko programming, but I have allowed myself to test for daily bench maxes and it is never below 130 kg even when taxed from previous sessions.

I am extremely thankful to everyone around me. without them I would not be able to lead this life what is way better than anything I ever anticipated. thank you.

be good to each other.

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reaching goals, some sooner and some later

went to see a performance at dansens hus last week. the video above is from a repetition the band had, and I think it shows the atmosphere they had on stage. the title was ”shake it like nina simone” and of course they played ”baltimore”.

almost every lift has been done as scheduled. a few times I have pushed the limits a little bit, just to see where I am currently at in the grander sense of it all.

recent lifts include, but are in no way limited to, the following:

  • bench: 132.5 kg (with pause)
  • squat: 190 kg
  • deadlift: 230 kg

which nets me a comfortable total just north of 1200 lbs. goal, meet check. been doing sheiko cycles consistently since september 2016. I take it my body has, finally, adjusted to some decent training volume.

summer is so close I can smell it. this year I will be working, something I am looking forward to. the opportunity I have been given can provide valuable experience. also, I hope to make new contacts and expand my professional network.

be good to each other.

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grinding, living, loving

for those who are interested in wargaming, huge (but anticipated) news broke yesterday: games workshop will release a new edition of warhammer 40k. my summer project will most likely be to paint a couple of minis.

spring has been really interesting. delivered ”my” first baby. I have met so many interesting individuals and seen so much stuff I can’t really write about.

lifting has progressed according to plan. doing sheiko #30 (volume) now, will follow up with 31 (volume) and most likely 32 (peak, PR) after that. today, with 20 weeks of grueling volume behind me, I could work up to three easy squat singles at 180 kg. not impressive numbers if compared to other lifters, but I am really happy about it.

might have an inflammatory process in my right elbow. will try some local anti-inflammatory gel and see if that does the trick. apart from that, bench has also felt great lately.

be good to each other.

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