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w4d3 – no rest for the wicked, atlas shoulders

yesterday was the last day on boss island. I’ve learned so much (and will probably forget most of it in three days time) from people whose amassed knowledge is stunning. they might not have academic degrees to cover their office wall … Läs mer

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w4d2 – bos(s) island

For two days, I’m doing things at Bosön. The swedish sports federation, among others, operate this quite impressive facility where athletes come to train and take physical tests. The Norwegian wrestling team was there. A group of murderers, by the … Läs mer

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w4d1 – military press, going forward

took the bike to the gym. the sun was shining, heaven was crisp blue and I figured I needed some hippie happiness. as rollins say in the clip above, I like all of you. main lift military press, 3 / … Läs mer

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w3dy – active rest

I went for a light jog just before lunch. my goal, as I must have a goal for almost everything, is to press my lactate threshold up somewhat. for what ultimate purpose, I am not really sure. thinking short term, my daily … Läs mer

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w3dx – no calorie left behind

vincent dizenzio wrote There are guys like Wendler and Rhodes who just took weight off by eating less. Some guys and ladies can do that, not me. I not only conditioned myself to eat like a pig to gain 120+ … Läs mer

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w3d3+d4 – roundup

life hit me like a truck. writing about bench and squats in the same post is a bit lazy, but I can do what I want since I’m a grownup. also, as a grownup, I’m aiming to change my everyday movement … Läs mer

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w3d2 – deadlift and rep PR (moar PRs)

a couple of years ago, just before the 2006 olympic winter games, austrian cross country skiiers decided to try out the fancy practice of blood doping. the guardian and bbc, among others, wrote about it at the time. the story … Läs mer

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