wxd4 – so close I can smell it

pumping iron, a classic movie. every time I watch it I’m happy I did not decide to go into body building.

I went to the gym today as well. wanted to see if 8k in 30 min was doable or not. it was not, apparently, but it was closer than the previous days. maybe I’ll try again in the future.



that’s that. for the rest of the week, it’s just gonna be pleasant walks. a total of 7.4 % improvement compared to monday.

edit: I read up on damper setting, and it turns out than real men might not row on 10 (like I did). if I remember, next time I’m gonna change it to 7 or something.



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3 kommentarer till wxd4 – so close I can smell it

  1. Fatman skriver:

    I think actual rowers train on like 3 or 4.

    But we’re not rowers. Max everyday, you pussy. Crank that shit up to 15 or 20. It fills like cummink all ze time.

    ”wanted to see if 8k in 30 min was doable or not.”



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