Månadsarkiv: februari 2016

calling the public

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately with the worst cold in memory. should have made time for the flu vaccine, which I skipped to work five minutes more. have gotten two lifting days per week for the last two … Läs mer

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w5d1 – semla, the ultimate reward after pressing

went lifting after work. met wife at the gym and we shared barbell/space. had a good day at work. interesting things in the morning, learning a bit more about patient flow and priority processes in the a&e. lunch with an old friend … Läs mer

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w4dx – on hearing voices

we have watched the somewhat new series ”river”. I found it to be much better than expected. cop stuff that I encounter on tv is usually action-packed, but ”river” is not. and I like that. also, stellan skarsgård speaks swedish. … Läs mer

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w4d4 – gwent? anyone wanna play gwent? you, gwent?

since buying a new computer in january I’ve been playing ”the witcher 3″, albeit on low intensity (still in velen, doing ”family matters”). so far I think it’s a great game. my plan is to finish the witcher, then satellite … Läs mer

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w4d3 – survival, pressing

it seems that on friday mornings, I will still have opportunity to keep lifting at work. the days have been mixed up a bit and I am still not entirely sure how it will turn out (i.e. switched military press and … Läs mer

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w4d2 – squats, new gym

went to the new (well, kind of) gym yesterday to squat. I know my way around due to going there before, so no surprises. had hoped to avoid the after work-crowd, but alas, I failed. since I am used to … Läs mer

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w4d1 – arm is recovering

lifting has been compromised not only due to me hurting my elbow but also due to the work hours of late. my present schedule calls for a little earlier start where I also need to be scrubbed in. I have … Läs mer

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