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for all happy/temporary endings

updates have been infrequent. I spend most of my energy in surgery, reading about surgery and convincing my better half that I still come home from time to time. I have lifted as much as I have been able to, with … Läs mer

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calling the public

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately with the worst cold in memory. should have made time for the flu vaccine, which I skipped to work five minutes more. have gotten two lifting days per week for the last two … Läs mer

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w1d2 and so on – I’m old and feeble

wednesday, I fell while walking home. beneath the densely packed snow there were patches of ice (to the surprise of no one but me). no serious damage but hurt my right elbow and hip. have not been able to extend … Läs mer

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w4d1 – a temporary setback

I made the wrong bet. as usual. look at the post-fight press conference here. did not sleep much at all. ate too little yesterday. could have made better decisions for myself. paid for it in the gym this morning as my … Läs mer

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w2d4 – give thanks

I have things to do and I possibly have places to be. as a compromise I went home early. in the immortal words of Frankie Four-Fingers: ”I am not in Rome, Doug. I’m in a rush.” also, by going home early I … Läs mer

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w1dx – slept well, batteries loaded

yesterday, I felt like a bag of bricks hit me right in the head. went home, had dinner and went to bed. got a bit of reading done before I turned out the lights at 830pm. woke up and felt … Läs mer

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w1d1 – does it make sense?

the vacation trip was probably exactly what we needed. we had a really good time relaxing in an environment where we really did not do anything in particular. there was beautiful nature, savory dishes every day and historical landmarks to … Läs mer

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searching for new 1RM

despite a lack of logs, lifting has been done according to plan. summer has really been a two-edged sword this year. negative things, summer 2015 first, I crashed and burned mentally. on the list the link refers to, I’ve had to … Läs mer

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so, what’s up?

updates have been irregular. reading the other logs from our small internet circle has not been a priority, sadly. yesterday we put down our two furry friends. after three and a half years of constant struggle against illnesses and trauma … Läs mer

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w3 – klippte av tidigt

efter måndagens lyftande kände jag att det var dags för ett break. huvudet började lägga ned, det blev att dags att koncentrera sig på kärnverksamheten. resonemang enligt följande: det är mycket jobb just nu jag hoppade över en deloadvecka (gjorde … Läs mer

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