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the word is given

I have now managed to squat every session for two weeks, without issue. left leg is healing. the weights are silly but still. got input from one of the more senior lifter and he suggested I do more box squats, … Läs mer

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aurochs, and how how to deal with them

came to think of this film, beasts of the southern wild. I saw it the first time not long after my maternal grandfather passed away after the cancer had overwhelmed him despite extensive surgery. for many that I know, their grandparents … Läs mer

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stuff I’m still too young to know

had breakfast with my mentor the other day. she recently retired and the mentor program is officially over for me, but we’ve decided to stay in touch. it is inspiring to discuss both great and small things with someone who sometimes … Läs mer

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sheiko, ssri, and the stubbornness

coach, fatman, mm, ugains and everyone else: I still lift. bench is slowly progressing. pressed 110 kg 2,3,2,2 three weeks ago. squat: did a relatively easy 7 reps at 155 kg. decided to try out sheiko during the autumn. there … Läs mer

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so, I went to eleiko…

  a weekend in may, I went to halmstad where the eleiko hq is located to attend a basic level course in powerlifting. a very valuable experience for a powerlifting beginner like myself. the coach was peter konradsson, a guy who started … Läs mer

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for all happy/temporary endings

updates have been infrequent. I spend most of my energy in surgery, reading about surgery and convincing my better half that I still come home from time to time. I have lifted as much as I have been able to, with … Läs mer

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summer looms, lifting continues

as the avid reader knows, I have chosen not to write much at all during the spring. instead, I have put my energy into work and actually lifting things. this has, so far, worked out quite well. I am currently … Läs mer

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