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venite et sumam eam

a nice cover of the brilliant song by elvis costello. I really dislike the hushing noises in the original, even they are there for a reason. finally feel like I’m starting to bounce back physically after a few backlashes earlier … Läs mer

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the word is given

I have now managed to squat every session for two weeks, without issue. left leg is healing. the weights are silly but still. got input from one of the more senior lifter and he suggested I do more box squats, … Läs mer

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a change of plans

went lifting yesterday morning to prepare for my night shift in the ER. tore my shoelaces when setting up for squatting, so I decided to use machines instead of tripping and killing myself. however, the machine also broke and I … Läs mer

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weakness of the body

the boys might turn out to be a decent television series. I really enjoyed the comic and hope that the same atmosphere can be carried over to another format. maybe my enthusiasm mostly stem from the feeling of rebelling against … Läs mer

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into the breach

I like this song even though I don’t like beer. new years eve was a very dynamic night at work. the expectation for tonight is about the same, if the text messages I’ve gotten during the day are anything to … Läs mer

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average smart, average strong

enjoying a few days off from work, will be back in the ER on new years eve. while my so is away doing something she loves, I’m at home reading, listening to music and petting cats. in short, enjoying life. … Läs mer

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gym and chill

the above song is in swedish but might still be enjoyable for everyone. she is not angry, just disappointed. which is worse. training is coming along nicely given it is merely one of many parts of life. recently I became … Läs mer

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