w7d4 – the end of the line

last day of deload/rest week. normally, I work as hard as I can in the gym. going light but still moving a little bit feels really good.

went to the new gym on the campus instead of the ordinary work gym (the benches are a lot better!). there were already two or three seemingly strong younger guys there. I felt like an old man, desperately clinging to the notion of perceived youth. these thoughts aside, the guys were legitimately strong in my opinion, at least when bench pressing. estimated body weight 80-90 kg and doing sets of five at 100 kg.

looking forward to next week. back to a bit more intense lifting.


pullups: 3x 10

close grip bench press: 5x 10 at 60 kg

bands: 6x 10

squat: 5×5 at 80 kg

front squat: 3×5 at 60 kg

dumbbell bicep curl: 8x 18 kg, 10x 16 kg, 8x 16 kg

that’s that. got awful sweaty but not tired, a strange feeling. is this how people normally feel when they go to the gym?

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2 kommentarer till w7d4 – the end of the line

  1. James skriver:

    No, I get really sweaty and really tired, particularly by the end of my hour long workout, even going ”really light”. In fact, I think going lighter with higher reps (10 per set), wears me out more in some ways.


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