w7d3 – walking at a brisk pace

Nothing could be more tragic, and more ridiculous, than to live out a whole life in reach of heaven without ever stretching out your arms.

I stayed at home yesterday and today. took a walk this morning. the air was cold and felt like dry crystals to my skin. as I walked, the sun emerged from behind the clouds.

stopped by an outdoor gym. did a few pullups (5×10) and dips (3×10) before pushing on. stopped by the bakery and got a loaf of bread for dinner. I’ve tried to make a pulled pork stew (not brunswick) with chili and garlic. will serve it tonight along with salad and the aforementioned bread. a friend is coming over and we will, in a very humble way, celebrate hos recent birthday. also, I made an apple cake with cinnamon.

tomorrow is the last day of a pretty good deload week. looking forward to lift slightly heavier weights next week.

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