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stuff I’m still too young to know

had breakfast with my mentor the other day. she recently retired and the mentor program is officially over for me, but we’ve decided to stay in touch. it is inspiring to discuss both great and small things with someone who sometimes … Läs mer

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w3d1 – failing but still winning

as usual, I went to lift today. for various reasons I have taken the entire summer off. all in all, twelve weeks of vacation. sure, the bank account suffers horribly but it is all worth it. attended a single day in … Läs mer

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for all happy/temporary endings

updates have been infrequent. I spend most of my energy in surgery, reading about surgery and convincing my better half that I still come home from time to time. I have lifted as much as I have been able to, with … Läs mer

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texans are a bunch of dorks

apparently there is only one guy in texas cool enough to try surströmming (since coach has relocated, I don’t know how that state will survive). when I was a kid, I had this friend whose father was a an active hunter. … Läs mer

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end of cycle, evaluation

I have lifted almost as I planned to. my right arm is healing up, but not as fast as I want it to. it is very likely that I have been to ambitious with regards to both my strength levels … Läs mer

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calling the public

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately with the worst cold in memory. should have made time for the flu vaccine, which I skipped to work five minutes more. have gotten two lifting days per week for the last two … Läs mer

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w5d1 – semla, the ultimate reward after pressing

went lifting after work. met wife at the gym and we shared barbell/space. had a good day at work. interesting things in the morning, learning a bit more about patient flow and priority processes in the a&e. lunch with an old friend … Läs mer

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