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w2d1+2 – the great disgust

it feels pretty great to have a middle week with just five reps in each of the main lifts. time for recovery before 1+ next week. this morning, the gym was a freakshow. biceps curls in the squat rack, bouncing … Läs mer

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w1d1 – new lifting cycle, new achievements

after one week of deload/rest, I am ready to tackle some challenges both at work and in the gym. I decided to cut my friday short last week. left before lunch and ”worked from home” (yea, it went about as well … Läs mer

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w6d1 – make effort, get PR

every day is important, but today is actually a little more important for two specific reasons: I have slept really good for about a week and I am a little more than halfway through a really long commitment at work … Läs mer

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w5d1 – lighter load, heavy insight

funny fat man story. I look forward to not experience that. this week offers an opportunity to recover for 1+ week coming up. today I got good input on something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I also, finally, … Läs mer

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w4d1+d2 – for the emperor!

this will be a short post. as usual, everything is really great and I stress too much about the small things. d1 military press, 3 / 3 / 3+. after warmup: 3x 55 kg 3x 62.5 kg 5x 68.5 kg … Läs mer

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w3d1+d2 – on sleep deprivation

for various reasons, I do not get enough sleep. planned to sleep a bit longer this morning, but still got to the office at 0610 due to being awake. felt like I could just as well get here instead of … Läs mer

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recent lifting – you have to make a decision

lifting according to plan. have been feeling a bit under the weather due to work-related things. I thought I was recovering mentally, but it seems the process is a lot slower than I hoped for. had an examination a week … Läs mer

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