burning the candle at both ends

living and lifting. I very much look forward to a planned vacation in january 2018, which by that time will be the first real vacation in two years.

recent lifts are a-okay. recently I took a short (three weeks) break from the sub-maximal training regimen of sheiko. increased the weights, lowered the volume quite significantly (to the caricature archetype of a powerlifter, where I did like 8-10 squat singles in a one hour session).

I’m looking forward to starting a new job february 1st. it’s a position I really want and I think I will like it there. applied for a couple of other positions as well, just to try my luck, but without getting any of them. not that it matters much, as I would’ve probably turned them down had they offered me the respective position. unexpectedly, I was somewhat close to being headhunted a couple of weeks ago, something that fell through since I had already signed another contract.

I have trouble sleeping. some nights are really fine, but one or two nights per week are really bad. don’t really know why, but there are days when stress and thoughts from work is harder to shake off. truthfully, I try not to bring home work with me if it can be avoided. for some time now, I have to work at home as well. so, during weekdays I’m in scrubs and during weekends I’m in front of the computer reading and writing. keeping my fingers crossed it will pay off (it will, massively, if everything plays out as planned).

bought a slingshot just for fun. a toy to fool around with. I intend to use primarily to get used to handling bigger weights on a regular basis. with it, I can do reps for 300+ lbs without breaking a sweat.

be good to each other.

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2 kommentarer till burning the candle at both ends

  1. Fatman skriver:

    Welcome to the Slingshot brotherhood. Now what you need to do is forget about Sheiko, grow a goatee, gain 30-40 kilos and of course MAX OUT ERRDAY.

    Also, speed box squats.


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