reaching goals, some sooner and some later

went to see a performance at dansens hus last week. the video above is from a repetition the band had, and I think it shows the atmosphere they had on stage. the title was ”shake it like nina simone” and of course they played ”baltimore”.

almost every lift has been done as scheduled. a few times I have pushed the limits a little bit, just to see where I am currently at in the grander sense of it all.

recent lifts include, but are in no way limited to, the following:

  • bench: 132.5 kg (with pause)
  • squat: 190 kg
  • deadlift: 230 kg

which nets me a comfortable total just north of 1200 lbs. goal, meet check. been doing sheiko cycles consistently since september 2016. I take it my body has, finally, adjusted to some decent training volume.

summer is so close I can smell it. this year I will be working, something I am looking forward to. the opportunity I have been given can provide valuable experience. also, I hope to make new contacts and expand my professional network.

be good to each other.

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4 kommentarer till reaching goals, some sooner and some later

  1. ruinchristmas skriver:

    What is your body weight, remind me?


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