aurochs, and how how to deal with them

came to think of this film, beasts of the southern wild. I saw it the first time not long after my maternal grandfather passed away after the cancer had overwhelmed him despite extensive surgery.

for many that I know, their grandparents are not hugely important figures in their lives. this may of course be due to geographical distance or just that some families tend to be less close for whatever reasons. in my case, my maternal grandparents have always been very close, something for which I am very thankful and consider myself extremely lucky to have experienced. make an effort to tell those around you, directly or through your actions, what they mean to you. all too soon, they will not be there anymore.

surprising noone, I am not alone in associating to this film with regards to mourning a loved family member.

when I am not watching clips on internet, I go to the gym. membership at the local commercial gym has (finally) been cancelled. don’t get me wrong, though. going there for the last year has taught me a lot about people in general and about me lifting in particular.

stuff I have learned about commercial gyms so you who read this doesn’t have to

  • 90 % of the clientele lacks any and all interest in getting strong, they just want to fuck around on instagram.
  • gym guys are the absolute worst in terms of yelling, screaming and making inadequate noises.
  • the people there does not see a problem with taking the equipment of ”your” platform while you are away for a minute refilling your water bottle. better get a gym buddy who can watch the stuff!
  • avoid going to the gym from 430pm until 7pm to avoid queues and [idiots]max (disclaimer: this is a very optimistic approximation!)

visited and paid the fee at the local weightlifting club instead. let’s see how that turns out. they seemed nice enough at first sight, though.

actual lifting highlights for the last week was when I went to the gym while be sub-febrile and aching all over. while benching I could do my sets of two measly paused reps at 106 kg without issue. before calling it quits, I wanted to see how many I could squeeze out. did five paused reps at 106 kg without issue. while the big numbers are, obviously, some distance in the future it still felt really good. I AM GETTING STRONGER.

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2 kommentarer till aurochs, and how how to deal with them

  1. ruinchristmas skriver:

    Good post. I’m sorry about your grandfather. If my maternal grandfather were alive he would be 107. He passed away when i was twelve and spent about four years before that suffering from Alzheimer’s & in nursing home so really i only knew him until i was about eight but my memories of him are of a kind and funny man & i miss him. I was named after him (so the original Coach). Anyway enough maudlin recollections sorry.

    Not sure if I am disappointed or pleased to learn that the same commercial gym follies exist in your generally more advanced and cultured society.

    Will your weightlifting club frown upon your bench pressing?

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      thanks. I appreciate you sharing.

      idiots. idiots everywhere. 😉 but at the same time, if I encounter assholes everywhere, maybe _I_ am the asshole? very disturbing.

      rumour has it they are very well behaved, so there might not be finger-pointing while I’m watching. expect lots of giggles behind my back, though. one of the guys at the club just won the swedish nationals in bench press (BW -120 kg, pressed 305 kg). several national champions there, so lots of room to grow.


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