halfway through the volume block

the second week, out of four, in the volume block is over. it offered some recovery while still doing a lot of sets with the barbell.

what I like with sheiko so far (6 weeks in)

  • submaximal work: no risk of injury, I can train technique (neuronal pathways ftw)
  • lots of sets: I look cool as everyone else at the crap gym does three sets of microreps and leaves
  • lifting a lot means I sleep like a baby: I enjoy sleeping
  • feeling swole: being somewhat fat but feeling muscular and strong is great
  • stuffing my fat face with food: I like eating food, can refer to gainz/recovery/russians

what could be different

  • having superhuman strength without needing to lift weights: damn you, fate *shakes fist*
  • getting paid to lift: guess I need to buy more lottery tickets

in all fairness, the two points of possible improvement cannot be blamed on boris. at least not in full.

next week (w3 in sheiko #30) will be a bit heavier with regards to total volume. for instance, tomorrow is bench+squat+bench+squat. then comes assistance and builders. it will probably take me a little over two hours to complete. luckily I have a few good playlists to work through.

looked at my plan the other day. planning for a minor peak in the beginning of december (singles 100-105 % of current maxes) and then, hopefully, a greater peak just before the end of the year. there will be no world records, obviously, but I feel really good about the whole thing.

outside of the gym, there are only positives. a few are listed below:

  • most likely scored an interesting job (they are calling my references and those are damn good). won’t start until summer next year, tough, but if I don’t come off as a complete idiot there might be a complete career in store for me.
  • life at home feels really good. we try to maximise/optimise quality time. right now, money is tight for a week or so (some unexpected expenses). luckily I had put a little cash away and could arrange a (cheap) date-night yesterday.
  • my stress levels are significantly decreased.
  • I put in good work…at work. at least I put in hours and get results out of it. can probably improve in various ways, though.

be good to each other.

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8 kommentarer till halfway through the volume block

  1. James skriver:

    *having superhuman strength without needing to lift weights: damn you, fate *shakes fist*
    *getting paid to lift: guess I need to buy more lottery tickets

    That would be cool, but I think I would miss the lifting.

  2. Fatman skriver:

    Sheiko reads like forced labor to me. I looked through some of the programs a few years back and almost bit the bullet. But the workload would have killed me.

    Or maybe that was Smolov?

    Glad you like it, tho.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      Smolov is supposedly even harder, to the point that one might not be able to make it without PEDs. But that’s just the word on the interwebz.

      Sheiko is very much doable. But it is a fuckton of volume, at least imho. 🙂

  3. MichiganMethod skriver:

    I’m glad that things outside of the gym are going really well for you.
    As far as the gym goes, though. I love more volume because I feel I can justify eating a lot more, or at least not be as strict about how clean I’m eating. Two hour gym session are pretty long though. Are you getting fatigued partway through, or has it been going well?

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:


      I totally agree. it is easier to justify just eating. the perpetual bulk ftw. 😉

      generally, it has worked out well for me. usually bring a banana if I anticipate the workload to be extra gruesome. rests are 90 seconds between sets, or the time needed to load appropriate weights. so, gone are the glorious days of three minute rests.

      how do you feel about higher volume and rests? short rests, long rests…

      • MichiganMethod skriver:

        If I’m doing higher volume, the weights tend to be lower, so I usually need less rest time. Lower reps/higher weight definitely requires a longer wait for me.

      • lyftapajobbet skriver:

        Seems reasonable. Yesterday squatted six sets of three reps at 80% in the first wave. Then bench, squat again (6×6) at 70% followed by more bench.

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