stuff I’m still too young to know

had breakfast with my mentor the other day. she recently retired and the mentor program is officially over for me, but we’ve decided to stay in touch. it is inspiring to discuss both great and small things with someone who sometimes approach the subjects from a totally different angle. the accumulated experience (i.e. mostly hers) yield interesting talks.

for various reasons, we talked a bit about death. a relative of hers died recently, totally unexpected, from a previously unknown heart failure. during the autopsy it was discovered that quite a large a brain tumor was growing. if the heart issue had not occurred, it had just been a matter of time before the brain tumor had begun giving symptoms. in a way, one can argue that the person was saved from an even worse fate (i.e. the brain tumor, which is usually a really nasty way to go). if one needs to go, let’s just hope it will be fast and quite sudden.

a comrade of mine died during the summer. several years ago, he experienced a psychotic episode and never really recovered. we grew distant after the psychosis debuted. partly due to him developing slightly paranoid symptoms, even though he never expressed any mistrust directed against me. I grieve him and the person he was.

with regards to lifting, I have completed the third week of my dial-in/ramp-up/#29 to real sheiko. it still feels really good. hopefully the end result will match my gut feeling. even though the weights are quite light, the total volume is still taxing on me. I take relatively  short rests between sets, 90 seconds. some of the stuff I did today:

  1. squat: 2×4 146 kg
  2. bench: 3×6 96 kg (paused)
  3. squat: 3×6 146 kg
  4. good mornings: 5×5 92.5 kg

and so on, and so forth. also assistance and builders. took about 1:45 to complete this. could fit it into the overall schedule of the day.

all lifts were easy at the time. now, a few hours later, my body aches as I’m slumped in the sofa lika a bag of potatoes.

be good to each other.



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  1. ruinchristmas skriver:

    I feel funny liking a post that is kinda sad so I’m leaving a comment too.


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