sheiko, ssri, and the stubbornness

coach, fatman, mm, ugains and everyone else: I still lift.

  • bench is slowly progressing. pressed 110 kg 2,3,2,2 three weeks ago.
  • squat: did a relatively easy 7 reps at 155 kg.

decided to try out sheiko during the autumn. there are lots of things to read up on, but I am lazy and will do #29, #30, #31 and #32 in that order. so far I have only completed w2d1 on #29 but it feels pretty good. one perceived advantage, for now, over 5/3/1 is that I only lift three days per week. how this plays into the long term results remains to be seen.

wrists are now sore all the time from the pressing volume. decided a while back to do all presses paused, hoping to get stronker. yesterday, I benched sets of three reps at 96 kg. the barbell flew up, as it should. I’d like to take this a sign that I’m doing something right.

lately I have been thinking about my energy levels while lifting. people in the gym, mainly guys, are getting so pumped up before a lift. I do not feel that way. it’s just work that needs to be done because I have decided to do it. to each their own, I guess. as usual.

since before last chrismas, I’ve been taking ssri. really hit a low point, with regards to mood, last summer and basically just pushed through the the autumn. decided to consult someone, an acquaintance and a professional,  for whom I have great confidence. discussed back and forth. I had already made the big changes that I needed to to in everyday life, but was also in need for an extra push. got a prescription. whether is has been placebo or actual effect, it has been a great help. and, in this case, effect is effect.

treating lifting as part of the laid-out plan has also helped, I believe. I like to decide upon the approach and then see it through. it is true, of course, that my lifting plans could have been better with regards to attained results. this does not bother me. I have consistently gotten stronger and thereby continuously achieved my goals. to do three reps at 110 kg (and then continue with easy sets of two reps) is a nice increase from when I barely squeezed out three reps at 95 kg a couple of years ago.

be nice to each other.

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10 kommentarer till sheiko, ssri, and the stubbornness

  1. ruinchristmas skriver:

    1. Glad you’re back.
    2. Cool that you’re doing sheiko. Look forward to hearing more about it.
    3. I agree that ”to each his own” when it comes to getting pumped for a set. Some guys (tend to be powerlifters) will slap themselves, suck on a battery, etc. Others take the opposite viewpoint and don’t like to take caffeine, get the heart rate up, become mentally pumped (tend to be OL or Sheiko/Euro powerlifters). I guess I fall in the middle. I very much dislike a spectacle and but it’s hard not to crank the favorite song and get a little mentally fired up before you tackle that heavy weight.
    4. Didn’t I suggest wrist wraps for presses to you like 2 years ago? 🙂

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      1. cheers.
      2. I look forward to doing it.
      3. is this a european vs american thing? I could not identify any clear categories. 🙂
      4. you did. and now I use them. but I will probably need better wraps. so, it’s a work in progress.
      5. are all the kids growing as planned? read thad rex quit bjj?

  2. celicaxx skriver:


    But really I feel this is the most appropriate European level of excitedness and happiness about lifting.

    • Fatman skriver:

      ”I do not feel that way. it’s just work that needs to be done because I have decided to do it.”

      This is exactly how I feel. My energy levels are fine. I just don’t feel the need to ‘pump’ myself up before a lift. Good to hear you’re still at it.

  3. ruinchristmas skriver:

    Yes it is a European vs American thing. Good Job celica. I mean of course there are exceptions like the broz/sheiko disciples in the US and idk some British powerlifter or the late Trevor Smith. does the UK even count as Europe anymore?

    • celicaxx skriver:

      Nope, Oceania now.

      As far as yell, no yell, amped lifting, etc, Klokov’s also tends to grunt/yell a lot as well. See uhm… every Klokov video of max effort lifting. Jon North just bugs me because it screams excessive narcissism, and creating a spectacle of yourself, which is typical of American behavior because everyone wishes to be a star and a diva due to narcissism being promoted by this culture.

      • Fatman skriver:

        Klokov and Jon North are now media personalities, not competitive lifters (I guess North never was competitive). I read somewhere that Klokov’s promoting Crossfit now? Anyway, they’re doing it for the marketing IMO.

      • celicaxx skriver:

        Nah, Klokov’s done the minor yell thing since before he became a super media personality. this is from 2011

        North won a few things, but wasn’t overall very competitive, compared to say, Norik. It’s a bit sad, he had a heart attack today. 😦 But with North and the yelling thing, he was a bit more authentic in his yelling/celebration/shit talk in Pendlay videos, then on his own/with Mash it felt more contrived. Anyway, I hope he gets better.

  4. celicaxx skriver:

    Have you read any of Ray Peat’s stuff on serotonin? Something to think about. For me one of the things I’ve taken to get my test boosted was pregnenolone (and I raised it to the 500s) but the mental benefits are really wonderful on it.


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