so, I went to eleiko…


a weekend in may, I went to halmstad where the eleiko hq is located to attend a basic level course in powerlifting.

a very valuable experience for a powerlifting beginner like myself. the coach was peter konradsson, a guy who started competing in 1986 and who never really stopped since. footage of him can be found here, among other places. peter works as a naprapath in södertälje when he is not lifting. a great guy.

purely by coincidence, another person from KI attended the course. we bumped into each other a couple of years ago and I remembered him due to him being quite big. the world really is small sometimes.

the youtube clip above is pretty good. it was recorded when the crew from barbell shrugged went to eleiko. I linked this mostly since they show off the facility in a nice way. not surprisingly, there were several power racks and platforms. they even had a exxentric kbox (shoutout to freddan with whom I did battle on the bjj mats a number of years back).

on this occasion we were ten participants, but two of them are quite accomplished powerlifters (737 kg total in -105 kg and 670 kg in -91 kg) from ASK who attended to learn more about how to coach in their local gym.

one person who have attended at earlier occasions have written about his experience here (much better and more thoroughly than I will do). a short recap of my weekend is below.

day 1

after getting to know each other a bit, focus was on the squat. started with theory and then split up among the platforms in pairs or groups of three. light warmup. tried to assess the technique of the other lifters. peter made sure to attend to all platforms and lifters, while the ASK guys pitched in as opportunity arose.

details such as stance width, depth, mobility and so on were adressed. I dare to say I learned a lot. polished my PR and squatted 183 kg without shoes before we called it a day. tried with 185 kg as well but lost my balance while in the hole.

day 2

started off with the bench. this was the prime reason I had for going to this course: my bench is not good. all my lifts can improve by bounds and leaps, but the bench most of all. got solid coaching here and made several changes to everything. increased my PR from 114 kg to 120 kg without struggling. also played around with a titan ram (like a slingshot) and worked up to a single on 150 kg.

last, but not least, was the deadlift. I thought I was doing things pretty much optimal here but I got several good suggestions for improvement. increased PR from 220 kg to 225 kg by the end of the day.


I am really happy that I attended the course. nice people, good coaching and lots of food. if you have the opportunity to go there, do it.


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4 kommentarer till so, I went to eleiko…

  1. unrealisedgains skriver:

    I forget how fucking strong you are.

  2. Fatman skriver:

    Props on the lifts. It’s really amazing how much small form tweaks can help.

    Now I want an exxentric kbox.


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