for all happy/temporary endings

updates have been infrequent. I spend most of my energy in surgery, reading about surgery and convincing my better half that I still come home from time to time.

I have lifted as much as I have been able to, with elbow pain, and I think I may have pushed through this injury. while doing military presses yesterday I could do 2x 75 kg without discomfort.

training continues, hopefully according to the plan laid out in my extensive excel sheets. my plan is to be completely* work-free during the summer (beginning of june until end of august). there are some things that I need to take care of until then.

assisted one of the consultants in surgery two days ago, replacing joints (2x knee, 1x hip). I think I did pretty well and it seems to me the consultant agrees. hope to keep in touch with him in the future.

be good to yourselves and each other. see you on the flip side.

*: will also try to attend fun surgeries while carrying no responsibility at all 🙂

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2 kommentarer till for all happy/temporary endings

  1. MichiganMethod skriver:

    I’ve always been envious of your work ethic. You’re constantly learning and improving your trade.

    I hope you’ll still do an update post every few months or so. And I’m still going to tell people that I have a buddy in Sweden.


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