summer looms, lifting continues

as the avid reader knows, I have chosen not to write much at all during the spring. instead, I have put my energy into work and actually lifting things. this has, so far, worked out quite well.

I am currently halfway through a 3+ week. benched 5×100 kg and squatted 6x 160 kg.the bench has really been shite since january when I slipped on ice, fell and hurt my right arm. this week, however, the tide turned at last.

bench: 5x 100 kg (3+), 3x 100 kg, 3x 101 kg, 3x 101 kg, 3x 102.5 kg, 3x 102.5 kg where all sets of three reps are joker sets.

squat: 6x 160 kg (3+), 3x 160 kg as a single joker set. did 1×162.5 kg to top it off.

looking forward to summer. I have two heavy weeks to come but have put in a lot of work already. this spring has been so awesome (family, work, stuff) and I have high hopes for the summer as well.

small things that I have especially enjoyed has been practicing anesthesia and intubation, orthopedic surgery and surgical ER. cutting people is the shizznit. let’s see if I can end up doing that for a living.

be awesome to each other.

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En kommentar till summer looms, lifting continues

  1. James skriver:

    Yikes! I did a single rep rack pull for a joker set at 138.346kg for a new PR and thought I was doing well. Well done.


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