texans are a bunch of dorks

apparently there is only one guy in texas cool enough to try surströmming (since coach has relocated, I don’t know how that state will survive).

when I was a kid, I had this friend whose father was a an active hunter. the father had different kinds of shotguns and a machine for skeet shooting. during summers, when we had no obligations at all, we used the machine to throw old cans of surströmming and then shooting at them. this could probably be classified as biological warfare.

lifting is progressing. just started a new cycle and week 1 is still ongoing. tuned down the press weights quite a bit and so far it seems like a good idea.

thinking about summer already. got a suggestion from a friend a work to try out a sheiko press program (he progressed from 120 kg to 140 kg in 13 weeks). we’ll see what I decide. hope to make good lifts regardless of protocol.

lifts, w1.

  • bench: 7x 97.5 kg (3+), then 5x 97.5 kg (joker) and 4x 97.5 kg (joker) without issue
  • squat: 6x 160 kg (3+), then 3+3 at 160 kg (jokers) and 2x 165 kg
  • military press: 4x 71 kg (3+)

bench and squat felt pretty good. getting the fifth rep on military press is, perhaps, the same kind of mental barrier that fatman mentions. in his case, though, the weights are slightly more impressive.

weights on press are not impressive at all, but I feel really happy that my wrist is not acting up. spent last week (deload) to work on my technique, as best I could.

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