w4dx – on hearing voices

we have watched the somewhat new series ”river”. I found it to be much better than expected. cop stuff that I encounter on tv is usually action-packed, but ”river” is not. and I like that. also, stellan skarsgård speaks swedish. ”river” gets five out of five communist health care systems.

went to lift for the fifth time this week. the plan was to go relatively light and just work volume, mainly by pressing. we’ll see how my arms fare later tonight but it might have been a good idea. or a totally shitty one.


military press: 5x 10 reps at 40 kg

bench press (paused): 5x 5 reps at 80 kg

bench press (not paused): 3x 12 reps at 60 kg

meadows row: 20x 20 kg, 15x 30 kg, 15x 30 kg, 15x 30 kg, 15x 20 kg (without straps since I do not own any)


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11 kommentarer till w4dx – on hearing voices

  1. James skriver:

    I liked the video dissing Planet Fitness, but why was everything backward? It was like watching a video in a mirror.

  2. huikat skriver:

    I’m glad you are very consistent with your gym and logging. Can’t believe Planet Fitness is real, half expecting it to be a big joke at the end.

    • James skriver:

      What’s worse is that they offer free pizza every Monday and on other days, offer free donuts. Yes, I’m serious.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      lifts > logs of course. I tend to look at logging like a little game: if I write about lifting, the lifting actually took place.

      and planet fitness, well, it seems strange.

      • James skriver:

        It’s a horrible place to get fit, but a brilliant business model. They suck in all the people who otherwise would never show up at a gym. They don’t get healthy. They just spend their money buying the illusion of working out.

  3. Fatman skriver:

    A few bones to pick with the linked video:

    1. Why is an alleged ”serious powerlifter” going to Planet Fitness in the first place? PF does not have squat racks or platforms, or even decent benches, so not sure how one can powerlift there?
    2. PF’s no-grunting policy is well known and displayed in large letters on the wall. If you go there and grunt and get kicked out, can you really complain?
    3. The guy in the video would greatly benefit from a few months of not grunting and doing steady-state cardio instead.
    4. The policy on gym attire is 100% appropriate IMO, except I would also ban baseball hats.

    On the other hand, loved the Thomas Jefferson gag.


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