w1 ends and I’m watching cartoons

I’ve been lifting thursday and friday as well while trying to let my right arm rest. so, mostly squats. pulling bands have been pain free. I have tried lifting light weight with a fully extended right arm and experienced some discomfort. triceps pushdowns have been endurable.

my expectations were to come to a crowded gym this week, with new years eve resolutions and so on. however, the gym has been even more empty than usual, if such a thing is possible. this has given me great opportunities to start the day in a peaceful manner. also, I have established friendly terms with the janitor and we make some small talk each morning.

hopefully I will get back to pressing next week.



box squats: worked up to three sets of two reps at 150 kg, then backed off with 3x 2 reps at 140 kg and 3x 5 reps at 110 kg. all sets done with a belt.

also band pullaparts, triceps pushdowns with mini band, weighted situps and face pulls.


squats, 5x 10 reps at 100 kg (beltless). then face pulls, band pullaparts, triceps pushdown with mini band and a few dumbbell flyes to use the shoulders a little bit.

that’s all.


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