w7dx – deload but grinding

I decided to take full advantage of the planned deload week and have a few days off from lifting (if fatman can do it, so can I). my body is a little bit beat up and and I have something else to do which motivates me going up at 0425 in the morning.

the holiday computer game sale at a well known internet site has ended. I finally discovered their meta-game where you earn virtual badges when buying or completing certain ”tasks”. unfortunately these badges, and subsequent ”levels” that you earn, are purely aesthetics and give you no actual bonus. by purchasing stuff, my account got to level 10 and I thought ”wow, this must net me some nice discounts!”. that turned out not to be true.

if you get bit by a snake while hiking, do not attempt to suck the poison out. get your ass to the nearest hospital for antiserum administration. thank you.

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