w4d3 – press is proceeding as planned

I have listened to the song above a lot when I have played the great game ”FTL”. it fit nicely into the atmosphere brought by dystopian science fiction. or is it really dystopian?

something that not dystopian but very interesting was the whipple surgery I attended yesterday. I like the idea of taking things apart, examining them and putting it all together again, preferably in a working condition.

planned to write a fun story but do not have the energy for it. I’ll just make a shoutout to coach, who apparently have updated his blog again. also, fatman admits to curling in the squat rack.

main lift

bench press, 3 / 3 / 3+. after warmup:

  1. 3x 78.5 kg
  2. 3x 90 kg
  3. 5x 102.5 kg (3+)
  4. 3x 102.5 kg (joker)
  5. 3x 103.5 kg (joker)
  6. 2x 103.5 kg (joker)

I am happy for the five reps here.

assistance lifts

close grip bench press: 5x 10 at 73.5 kg

pullups: 3×10

had a little less time today.

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En kommentar till w4d3 – press is proceeding as planned

  1. jaysun1971 skriver:

    Nice work. Cool song.


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