w3dx – the learning process

john danaher seems like an interesting person to be around. in the video above, he talks about a few things I like to think I have thought about as well. the circumstances and the context revolving the thinking would, of course, be almost completely different. danaher mentions the learning process and how he thinks it should be organised in an orderly fashion.

a few things to take with you while learning (or living):

  1. the nomenclature needs to be precise. this favours the understanding of things and concepts.
  2. if your thoughts are vagure, your actions are gonna be vague.
  3. make goals. also, see number 1 and 2.

had exams wednesday and thursday. got home last night thinking I failed both. hardly slept, chose to rest from the gym. got results today and I passed both tests without issue. if you always presume the worst, you will never get disappointed. you will not get any sleep either. but you will get high levels of anxiety. I am so happy that I will have a few days off around christmas.

tomorrow, I will deadlift and squat.


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  1. MichiganMethod skriver:

    Stress and anxiety are the best cardio.


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