w2dx – hiuhitsu

got up at 7 to get some work done before lunch. I think I’m doing pretty good so far, but there is still some distance to go. have to get out a couple of hours in the afternoon and I hope to be able to read up on some articles while on the metro (papers are printed!).

while looking for an excuse to take a break, I looked at a certain social medium and noticed the video above in my feed. if you, at times, have your material needs secure and can spend time how you like, rolling is not a bad option.

I miss rolling. I sort of miss the constant presence of sweaty or just laundered gis at home. I miss the camaraderie. I miss the feeling of leaving it all on the mat and being able to laugh about my stupid mistakes afterwards.

one occasion comes to mind: I was rolling with a guy significantly less experienced than me. we had always got into a good flow, giving and taking positions. I like to think it was mutually beneficial, at least most of the time. anyway. he goes for the back, I let him take it. he proceeds with a rear naked choke, but I just tuck my chin and expect him to dig his hands in to get the choke. instead, he switches to a bow and arrow choke. I continue to keep my chin down and the gi lapel stays over my nose. the guy goes for the choke anyway, probably thinking it will sort itself out somehow. we stay there, him trying to fix the choke and me just riding it out. I end up with a nice burn mark on my nose and we laugh about it.

next, I roll with a brown belt. he also happens to be a judo black belt and has competed since childhood. in short, he is a beast. he is also a nurse working at a really interesting unit. anyway. filled up with false confidence after not getting submitted by the first guy, I quickly end up in a really bad position and try to escape. I fail to do that and go to sleep.

I guess the moral here is: if you at one time do something that does not suck horribly, don’t get cocky.

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3 kommentarer till w2dx – hiuhitsu

  1. Fatman skriver:

    I rolled for a number of years. Forgot about the homoerotic aspect of the sport until I read this:

    ”we had always got into a good flow, giving and taking positions.”


    Them gis do stink something terrible. Also, there’s always at least one guy in your class/team who never washes his.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      it’s not gay unless you look each other in the eyes and smiles. 😉

      my coach employed the following tactic: some people would leave their gis in the gym to dry (on a hanger). if the OCD coach noticed that a particular gi was not washed once a week (too low frequency, really, but it was his call) he would cut that gi up and use it to mend other gis with. boom!

  2. unrealisedgains skriver:

    I love the rough, male embrace of a freshly laundered gi.
    Judo is the most erotic sport to practice.


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