w1dx – slept well, batteries loaded

yesterday, I felt like a bag of bricks hit me right in the head. went home, had dinner and went to bed. got a bit of reading done before I turned out the lights at 830pm. woke up and felt a lot better today, so it seems I did something right.

during the bedside round I learned valuable things to consider about various leg wounds when the patient also suffers from congenital heart disease. not really rocket science, but things that I had not really thought about previously. felt a bit slow and thick. made a few dazzling contributions to the discussion and let my comrades handle the bulk of it.

in essence: if you have someone with a big hole in the leg, make sure to optimise the treatment of their heart condition to avoid liquid from running out of the leg like an open kitchen tap. there, I saved you a couple of thousand dollars.

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