w6d2 – moar effort, moar PR (also lotv spoilers!)

this video contains all the cinematics from legacy of the void, the latest part of starcraft 2. possibly also the ending of the epic space saga. blizzard delivers great cinematics as usual. I currently do not have the time (or computer power) to play the game. something to save for the future. perhaps.

the gym populationen is rapidly declining. the previous weeks there have been at least one or two other persons in the new gym in the mornings. this and last week I have been by myself for an hour or so before the next person turned up. it is truly a peaceful way to start the day. just me, the barbell and music in the headphones. I have experimented a bit with different kinds of music while lifting and found that it is not necessarily the music by itself but rather the sort of meditative effect it has on me that I appreciate. not really rocket science conclusions, but I had not really thought about it before.

main lift

squat, 5 / 3 / 1+. after warmup:

  1. 5x 128.5 kg
  2. 3x 145 kg
  3. 5x 162.5 kg (1+)
  4. 1x 180 kg (joker, PR)
  5. 1x 180 kg (joker)

did what I had planned to. did not feel very stronk during 1+ set, but figured that with a few minutes rest I should be able to reach a highly desired goal: the famous four plate squat (at least with the kg plates I use).

the first single at 180 kg felt  good, but I doubted the depth. did not film. decided to go at it again and be more attentive with regards to the depth. I am confident the second single met requirements for depth as far as I, a recreational non-competitive lifter, am concerned.

assistance lifts

good mornings: 5x 10 at 85 kg

made an active decision not to go down to 90 degrees, since the bar was really heavy. thought about a previous discussion with fatman and celica where the topic was range of motion for good mornings. the conclusion was something like this: there is no need to go too far down in the movement since if you bend over to parallell while squatting, you might be in trouble anyway. also, if you deadlift while bent over you have bigger problems than lower back strength.

band pullaparts: 5x 60

situps: 5x 15 (normal, non-rocky variant)

band face pulls: 5x 15 face pulls

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4 kommentarer till w6d2 – moar effort, moar PR (also lotv spoilers!)

  1. Fatman skriver:

    Sweet 4PLEAT PR, congrats.

  2. MichiganMethod skriver:

    Nice PR. 162.5 x 5 is no joke, too!


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