w5d4 – super probotector

to continue on yesterdays theme (video games, yay!), I wish to mention the entertaining but not very difficult snes game ”super probotector”. apparently, we europeans are not see people with guns so in the PAL version the player characters are some sort of robots instead of arnold/rambo lookalikes. it’s an intense game right from the start. the objective is clear as can be: shoot as much as you can without taking a hit yourself.

this game will forever have a special place in my memory due to the fact that when I was a lot younger, one of my younger brothers and me got to stay with our aunt for a short time. we borrowed (rented?) a super nintendo system and two great games (sprobotector and another one I’ll write about later). with this we kept ourselves occupied for a few days doing nothing but playing, eating and sleeping. I am sure that my memory of the situation is much better than the actual experience, but man, those memories sure are great.

this morning, some of the tough guys were back in the gym. I’ve been by myself all week and they choose to pop in on a friday for some CHEST WORK, BRAH. I am happy for their sake.

main lift

deadlift, 5 / 5 / 5. after warmup

  1. 5x 131 kg
  2. 5x 151 kg
  3. 5x 171 kg

easy lifts. still, heavier than I anticipated. imagined that the lifts would be completely effortless, but this was not the case.

assistance lifts

squat: 5×10 at 111 kg

box squat (to a height of approximately 30 cm): 5×5 at 111 kg

band pullaparts: 5×60

pullups 5×5

situps: 3×15

that’s all. oh, and I just found a big plate of meat and bread at the office! gainnzzzzz!

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5 kommentarer till w5d4 – super probotector

  1. James skriver:

    After injuring my lower back last week and then aggravating the injury lifting on Monday and Wednesday, I decided to spend the rest of the week just doing cardio and some light ab work. Given that my back is still stiff and sore, this is probably the wisest course of action for me, but it’s still frustrating not to be able to step into the weight room and have at it. Glad you got to finish off your week with (for me) some pretty impressive DLs.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      To me, it sounds wise to rest. I have to read up your injury, apparently. I hope you will heal fast and without issue. Depending on the injury, maybe some light band work could be something?

  2. unrealisedgains skriver:

    Probotector crew represent.

  3. jaysun1971 skriver:



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