w4dy – live, learn, pass on

dave tate and crew over at elitefts often use the expression ”live, learn, pass on”.

recently, I’ve had reasons to reflect about past and future actions. people think about what they want to pass on to their kids. I do not have kids and will, by choice, never have any. instead I try to pass on whatever meaningful things I might have learned to the people around me.

even though dave tate originally might have meant to pass on knowledge about training, and then expanded the meaning to encompass other things as well, my opinion is that it can include anything. of course you can pass on factual knowledge, for example in your field of expertise, or you can pass on more subtle things you have learned about life in general.

there are great lists, texts and novels about things great people wanted to pass on. I do not claim to have reached such insights and can only hope I do. thus, I have made a small list containing nuggets of wisdom collected from known and unknown sources. have at it.

  1. do not sweat the small things.
  2. enjoy the little things in life  because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things (kurt vonnegut)
  3. be less curious about people and more curious about ideas (marie curie)
  4. the minute you succumb to outside pressure, you cease to be creative (vilayanur s ramachandran)

motivational posters and quotes can be great in some situations. you might find an inner drive to overcome certain perceived obstacles, physical or other. as the potential reader of this blog probably knows, there is also an inflation in motivational expressions. often, I encounter such expressions used with regards to training, such as a bodybuilder claiming to ”follow your passion is the only way to be” which makes the expression appear a mere platitude. not everyone can be the greatest in their respective field. not everyone will make it the way the first envisioned themselves doing so. accept your failures and shortcomings wherever they may appear and, if you wish, try to do things different next time.

keep an open mind. go with the flow.

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2 kommentarer till w4dy – live, learn, pass on

  1. Fatman skriver:

    Someone once posted something along the lines of ”successful people don’t post motivational posters”. Could not agree more.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      I’ve seen something similar and I agree. however, coming up with different kinds of bullshit motivational sayings also seem to be a way for athletes/fitness people to stay active on social media.


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