w3d4 – a wreck

slept better and woke up in a good mood friday morning. went to lift. still, it was friday and one is almost always tired on a friday.

I have met/discovered an interesting person in the new gym: a guy who dresses in ”cool” t-shirts and likes to take them off while lifting. he also, apparently, builds advanced setups for back exercises. he put a bench on top of two boxes (i.e. the bench was at least 1.5 meters up), climbed on top and did rows with a barbell. A+ for effort, but not sure about the idea.

the work day was good (an odd word in this context) but a bit rough. while having a late lunch a friend, we talked a bit and realised we had lost three patients in just a few hours. two were somewhat expected, although not that soon, and one was not.

as I left the hospital, I felt very privileged to be alive and quite healthy.

main lift

deadlift, 5 / 3 / 1+. after warmup:

  1. 5x 148.5 kg
  2. 3x 168.5 kg
  3. 4x 188.5 kg (1+)
  4. 3x 188.5 kg (joker)
  5. 1x 190 kg (joker)
  6. 1x 200 kg (joker)

got tired really fast. I could hit the required number of reps to proceed to next week. had hoped to do more joker sets since I got the gym a little bit earlier than usual. felt that reps would be foolish and did two moderately heavy singles instead.

assistance lifts

squats, wide stance and ass-to-calf

  1. 10x 127.5 kg
  2. 10x 127.5 kg
  3. 10x 127.5 kg
  4. 10x 127.5 kg
  5. 10x 127.5 kg

conditioning is the limiting factor for me here. in the fourth set, my lungs are burning. did what I had to.

band pullaparts: 5x 60

band triceps pushdowns: 5x 15

that’s all.

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7 kommentarer till w3d4 – a wreck

  1. James skriver:

    Congratulations on the deadlifts. Those are weights I can only dream of. If you keep going, you’ll give Eddie Hall a run for his money. He set a new record for the deadlift (I’m sure you know this) of 463 kg. You’re catching up.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      the lift you are referring to is especially impressive (at least in my humble opinion) since eddie is not wearing a belt or real shoes while lifting. he is using wraps, however, but I do not think the lift is any less impressive with or without wraps. 463 kgs is A LOT of weight.

      oh, and thanks for encouraging. currently my best single is 46 % of eddies record. 😉

  2. huikat skriver:

    Glad you had a good day. Forgot to say I like Noah and the Whale, I forgot about them for a while.

  3. Fatman skriver:

    The bench row you described is the no. 1 upper/mid back exercise in existence, christened ”Chinese rows” by Celica. I used to do it with dumbbells (needs fewer boxes to get desired height), but stopped doing them because the setup is too much work and, let’s face it, makes one look like a pathetic Tommy Tryhard. But for effectiveness, nothing beats the ”Chinese row”.


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