w6dy – compared to a year back, I was…

I have not yet done this weeks deadlift session due to illness (a cold, as ordinary as it is lousy). will go to gym tomorrow and sort of begin the deload week. also, I will probably do my 1+ sets of the deadlift just for the heck of it.

was thinking about what actual progress I may have made during the last year of trying to lift things. noticed I had a photograph from october 2nd 2014, which happened to be a 1+ week. looked at the logs. I can see progress here. still, nothing to write home about but definitely something to write about on the interwebz! here goes!

2 Oktober 2014

October 2nd, 2014

lifts (1+ sets)

  • military press: 3x 65 kg
  • squat: 4x 150 kg
  • bench press: 2x 97.5 kg (3x 92.5 kg at previous 3+ week)
  • deadlift: 3x 177.5 kg

September 24th, 2015

lifts (1+ sets)

  • military press: 2x 72.5 kg (not that great to be honest, but shoulders were aching and and and… did 4x 71 kg the 1+ week before)
  • squat: 5x 158.5 kg
  • bench press: 3x 102.5 kg (while having a killer cold!)
  • deadlift: 5x 183.5 kg (last 1+ week)

discussion in bullet point form

edit: forgot a piece of information, which is of vital importance. at the end of december 2014, I did a 10 % decrease of all weights in the program. this was due to a) wendlergod says so and b) it seemed like a good idea since my body was a bit beat up.

  • military press is still not my favourite lift. I like to think that I work really hard to get better at it, though.
  • squat is progressing like I thought it would. still, it feels good to see an increase in 8.5 kg and an additional repetition.
  • the bench is where I am most satisfied, since I perceive my upper body as generally weak. an increase of 5 kg is not that great, but when compared to the 10 kg increase for 3 reps I feel like I’m on the right track.
  • deadlift: an increase of 6 kg is nothing, but two more reps is good stuff. my PR has increased from <200 kg to 215 kg.

for both squat and deadlift, I might bump the numbers 2.5 kg per training cycle instead of the the more humble 1 kg I’ve been doing for a while. military press and bench will never again be increased 2.5 kg between cycles (2x 0.5 kg plates are my besties).

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8 kommentarer till w6dy – compared to a year back, I was…

  1. James skriver:

    Heck, I’d take the 2014 body.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      Gained about ten kgs since. Not all in muscle mass. 😉

      • MichiganMethod skriver:

        22 lbs is a substantial increase. You look a lot thicker in the chest and lats, no homo. Also Celicaxx did a post a few months ago where we all did topless mirror selfies and it was really super gay. Coincidentally this was the same time the rainbow banners were going on.

      • lyftapajobbet skriver:

        if five of the 22 lbs are muscle, I consider myself extremely lucky. the rest is just jiggly fat. 🙂 good if you think chest/lats look thicker. I do not want all those f*cking pullups to have been for naught.

        missed that post (cats died a few days prior). looking at it now, maybe a joint instagram account should be created for the blog circle? an endless stream of heterosexual muscle pictures.

      • Fatman skriver:

        Someone should do a collage of all the shirtless photos and slap a rainbow filter over it. Post it to Brent’s Instagram to show him we miss MopeWOD (if this is possible, I don’t know how Instagram works).

        The first time I picked up a weight I imagined my lifting journey would end with me jacked and tan on a beach, with hot chicks swarming over me. Definitely not taking shirtless photos of myself in weak bathroom light, posting them secretly on an anonymous image hosting website for other dudes to look at. Not sure how this has gone for you guys, but I wanted to share that.

        It doesn’t look like 17 pounds out of the 22 are fat, what are you basing this on? Waist is more or less the same, chest and lats definitely thicker. 22 solid pounds in a year is how bulking should be done.

      • lyftapajobbet skriver:

        you describe lifting just as I imagined it: jacked, tan and swarmed with ladies. instead I am bald and married, making good progress towards my dream job. guess that counts for something. still not clear on whether the ”posting slightly censored photos on blog” fits in the picture or not.

        hopefully, you are right (this time as well). my understanding is that it would be hard to gain a great amount of muscle in just one year, since I have not optimised things (not really feeling the need to). but again, I just have a hard time to accept the numbers on the f*cking scale. first world problems! 🙂

  2. Fatman skriver:

    That’s very solid progress. Bench and overhead usually take much longer to progress than the squat and deadlift, so those gainz are even more impressive.

    What’s this about decreasing weights 10%?

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      🙂 I am happy for it.

      If memory serves, Wendlergod told me to lower 10% to give the body time to reload. Will not do the same thing again, just take a rest/deload.


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