w5d1 – weak sauce

nothing new here. new week, new stuff to laugh/cry at. currently, I’m refreshing my memory as to why ACE inhibitors (and ARBs) are contraindicated when the patient has got an arterial renal stenosis.

in real world news, two friends broke up with each other. so far it is not too infected or dirty. no bad talk that I am aware of. a real surprise. also somewhat discomforting when two grown ups that you like call you and cry (one at a time).

being back to ordinary is detrimental to the lifting stuff. I am considering winning at the lottery. discussed with a friend how much money one would need to never go back to work. also, if we won say 100 million swedish kronas, would we go back to work since we like it? I would, he would not. he was talking about some sort of paragliding but with a small motor. sounds too adventurous for me. cake and books, cake and books.

fifteen years later than everyone else, I’m finally reading ”the tipping point”. it takes cheap shots at stuff but that’s all right. I got other books coming that I’m looking forward to.

main lift

military press, 5 / 5 / 5+. after warmup:

  1. 5x 50 kg
  2. 5x 58.5 kg
  3. 5x 66 kg

I did not have it in me today. have felt slightly off when going to the gym the last two weeks. to some extent I can push through, especially with squats and deadlifts, but military press is either there or it feels really impossible.

during the summer, I did nice progress, so in a way it is only natural that I stall here.

assistance lifts

paused bench press: 5 sets, 10x 68.5 kg

this was very much all right. huffed and puffed a good bit more than I expected by the last set. my confidence took a big hit with todays pressing movements.

pullups: 5x 10

this felt relatively good. I dare say that I look lite quite the athlete during the first two sets. then it’s downhill. still get all the reps done with a minimum of internal moping.

dumbbell shoulder press: 12x 22.5 kg, 9x 22.5 kg, 8x 20 kg

dumbbell biceps curl: 9x 17.5 kg, 7x 17.5 kg, 10x 15 kg

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11 kommentarer till w5d1 – weak sauce

  1. jaysun1971 skriver:

    ”I’m refreshing my memory as to why ACE inhibitors (and ARBs) are contraindicated when the patient has got an arterial renal stenosis.”

    I worry about this all the time!

    Two adult criers in the same day? You are a good friend. I can barely take it when my kids are crying.

    Nice job on the lifts and if I won the lottery (krona or $$) I would not work if I didn’t have to. I would build a hell of a home gym though.

  2. huikat skriver:

    Aww…good friend indeed!

    Oh, I met three Swedish exchange students from Uppsala! They were cool, I asked them how they felt about their country and IKEA and the weather.

  3. Fatman skriver:

    Also this year has been pretty disastrous when it comes to couples I know separating. Three divorces, a wedding called off and a long-term relationship dissolved. One expects these things to happen from time to time, but I somehow thought people would at least wait for those inevitable middle-age crises to kick in.

  4. MichiganMethod skriver:

    How much money did you decide it would take to never work again? I toy around with this number sometimes. I know that the odds of winning a large lottery are insanely low, but I think when you buy a ticket for one of those you’re really buying the ability to think of what it would be like to win. I’ve spent probably too much time daydreaming of what I would do if I won.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      We figured 56 million SEK would be enough. Not sure how many dollarz that amount to.

      I play the lottery sometimes. The thought of cash flow is really appealing.

  5. jaysun1971 skriver:

    Would the odds be better in a country with a lower population?


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