searching for new 1RM

despite a lack of logs, lifting has been done according to plan. summer has really been a two-edged sword this year.

negative things, summer 2015

first, I crashed and burned mentally. on the list the link refers to, I’ve had to handle everything but #3 for a couple of years. apparently, I did not succeed as well as I thought. second, we put down our two cats. this has been a discussion for at least two years, since the cats have been quite ill from time to time (extensive investigations have been made, medication has been given etc.). maybe I just did not have the energy or the capacity to make such a big decision while also handling work-related things to the extent I have been doing. possibly.

positive things, summer 2015

I have made certain decisions as how to radically and immediately improve my day-to-day life. also, there will now be time to hang out with my better half more than 1-4 pm on Sundays. there have been progress in the lifts. I’ve hung out with friends and family more than I have done for a long time (also, enjoyed it). lots of people have supported me, some that I counted on and some that I did not (pleasantly surprised).

w5 – main lifts (5+)

  • military press: 7x 63.5 kg
  • squat: 12x 138 kg
  • bench: 10x 88 kg 
  • deadlift: 9x 163.5 kg

no joker sets on 5+ week.  trying to think of it as active rest, although that is not really true since I still go for as many repetitions as possible.

w6 – main lifts (1+)

  • military press: 3x 70 kg; 3x 70 kg; 2x 71 kg
  • squat: 6x 153.5 kg; 3x 153.5 kg; 3x 155 kg; 3x 155 kg; 3x 156 kg; 3x 156 kg; 3x 157.5 kg; 3x 157.5 kg; 2x 158 kg
  • bench: 5x 98.5 kg; 3x 98.5 kg
  • deadlift: 6x 182.5 kg; 3x 182.5 kg; 3x 182.5 kg

1+ sets in italic. the others are joker sets. I was quite tired during this week. squats went well, but the bench suffered.

searching for new maxes (3/4 lifts done)

I went in looking to get a maximum single repetition, not doing any sets related to the program. maximum repetitions in italic.

  • military press: 1x 72.5 kg; 1x 73.5 kg; 1x 75 kg
  • squat: 1x 170 kg; 1x 175 kg; 0x 180 kg (tried three times, quite close)
  • bench: 1x 110 kg; 1x 112 kg; 1x 114 kg; 0x 120 kg (tried once just because I could)

deadlifts will be done later this week. perhaps I will only to try to repeat my previous max of 210 kg. it all depends on how I’m feeling on that day. the lifts that I currently view as more important (the three above) went pretty well.

this is the seventh straight week of lifting. perhaps I could have made better lifts if I had rested properly before, slept better and so on. I am just happy for the gains I have received.

with the numbers above, my total (although only a training total since I have not done an actual competition) increases to 499 kg (~1100 lbs). that’s something.



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11 kommentarer till searching for new 1RM

  1. James skriver:

    You’re totally awesome. The good news is, I’m getting stronger, too. The bad news is, I tried a heavier weight for squats and also didn’t make it. The worse news is the weight was ”only” 215 pounds or about 97.5 kg.

    It is clear that I have a long way to go.

    • lyftapajobbet skriver:

      thank you.

      I am impressed by your development, especially the pullups. regarding the squats: try the same weight again another day, but as your first or second set. I’m sure you will have no problem with the weight then.

      we both have a long way to go, then, and lots of opportunity for encouraging each other. 🙂

  2. jaysun1971 skriver:

    Nice job on the lifts and making some decisions that will help you and your relationships sometimes, that is hard to do.

  3. huikat skriver:

    Nice positive list and nice total!


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